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All About US


It all started when...

A Family owned business since 1930, Cactus Mat Mfg Co started off as the CACTUS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, making Boots & Patches for casings & tires. ( A Boot was a thick rubber patch for the outer portion of the tire, embedded with tacks to hold it in place between the casing and the balloon tire, or inner-tube, it resembled the needles on a cactus, hence the company's name.) Providing the fledgling automobile enthusiast with portable repair kits for delicate balloon tires in the early days of driving, the company thrived through the 1920's, as auto sales soared, offering it's products worldwide. But change was in the air... or in the exhaust... and the auto industry made improvements and innovations as quickly as the computer industry does today. Tires evolved and roads were rapidly paved and the Boot & Patch products became obsolete forcing the company into bankruptcy. 

Enter Charles Winfield Hartranft Sr., who saw  a trusted name brand in CACTUS products. He bought the brand and manufacturing plant for a mere $1,300.00 in 1930. He had the vision to lead the company in a new direction, adding safety floor mats made from the very items they had previously repaired, Tires! Cactus began recycling tires into mats, long before being green or sustainable was in, and a new industry was born.

Over the next few decades CACTUS MAT would grow into a full service mat, runner,  and flooring covering manufacturing company. Offering hundreds of products made from rubber, wood, vinyl, and recycled materials that cater to the Foodservice, Janitorial & Sanitary, and Industrial markets. 

Today CACTUS MAT is proud to be  a "WOMAN OWNED" business & in the 4th generation of the same family. "Quality and Integrity" has been the moniker of this business for over 8 decades and everyone here at CACTUS MAT looks forward to bringing our customers quality products and service for many years to come.